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Thanks so much for delivering such a fantastic session on Mental Health
Awareness, the event was insightful and very interactive too which made
it enjoyable…even though it is a tough subject to talk about. You’re a
fantastic trainer…it didn’t feel like we were being lectured…you made it
interesting by sharing your personal experiences which made others in
the room open up and share theirs. You kept the audience the whole time
because you were so engaging and informative which made everyone feel
comfortable about talking about what can sometimes be a taboo subject
for so many. I would definitely be recommending you on…just like you
were recommended to us.

Karla Halling

PA to the CEO

Rebecca has been working with us for approximately a year, delivering mental health training to senior managers in the automotive Industry.

Without exception, the feedback we receive about Rebecca’s knowledge, skills and style is fantastic. Rebecca has a warm, engaging style;
quickly able to engage and influence delegates in even the most challenging of subjects. We would highly recommend Rebecca as a trainer and consultant.

I have since moved to Bluebird Care as their Managing Director. I was so impressed with Rebecca that I have since asked her to come and work with Bluebird Care delivering Mental Health and Wellbeing. 

Yvonne Hignell

Former Director, BEN/ Now the Managing Director of Bluebird Care

I recently attended a training session about how to spot the signs that
children might be being abused. I didn’t really know what to expect.
Rebecca was really open and helped us all to realise that we have the
ability to spot the signs, we just need to know what we should be
looking for and know who to speak to if we have concerns, she really
helped us to feel more confident, and she is great fun!

Emma Reynolds

Workshop Attendee

Rebecca is an outstanding Child Protection and Safeguarding trainer and
consultant. She delivered a 3 hour session on “ Achieving Best Evidence”
to my undergraduate second year students of social work. Students
thoroughly enjoyed the session. Rebecca is knowledgeable, engaging and
inclusive in the classroom. She has a keen eye on what is currently
going on in child protection practice so students got a full benefit of
her vast experience and professionalism. Rebecca has a unique way of
linking policy to practice. She goes above and beyond the call of duty
within her training and will do extra to make sure that students
understand why child protection needs passionate social workers who are
confident and skilled. Above all, she strives to ensure that ALL
children are safeguarded and protected and this was very clear in her

Charles Mugisha

Lecturer in Social work

Attended a brief but informative talk on mental health delivered by
Rebecca. What a fantastic insight into a normally taboo subject. The
pace and content was perfect as was the delivery style. Mental health
issues need to be openly discussed and the stigma associated with them
challenged. A great inspirational speaker. Will definitely contact again
for future presentations


Health & Safety Manager

The training was extremely useful. I feel much more confident in asking
children the right questions when they make a disclosure.

Tracy King

Head Teacher

As a school we have found Rebecca Kilpatrick, from Kilpatrick Training and Consultancy, to be the utmost professional who has worked with us to deliver some high-quality training for staff but also tailored sessions for Year 6 children around cyber bullying and keeping safe online. Staff involved have said how informative the sessions were and also shocked
the children that their practices aren’t as safe as they thought. A real eye opener!

The children said they found the sessions engaging (particular enjoying the videos and eye-catching presentation) and they particularly liked being able to get their voices across and get questions important to them answered. Rebecca led both adult and children’s sessions
professionally and had good control of her audience, knowing when to slow down or challenge more. I personally have used the techniques I learnt in Rebecca’s session about how to question a child on the brink of disclosing many times since the training with positive outcomes for children and families. Where previously I have alienated a family by
‘accusing’ too soon, using Rebecca’s techniques I have confidently, on several occasions, gathered more information without children social care involvement, meaning better working relationships with parents and better outcomes for children.


James Lacey

Executive Head Teacher

I have now worked with Rebecca on a number of training courses around
mental health and particularly mental health first aid. I have found
Rebecca’s enthusiasm, experience and natural empathy to be a combination
that connects with delegates and really enhances their learning experience


Kane Blatchford

Health and Saftey Manager

Thank you for delivering the Mental Health First Aid Training over the
last couple of days. The subject is quite wide ranging, but I was
extremely impressed by your style of presentation, your engagement with
delegates and the professional and targeted manner of your training.
It’s not many two-day courses that everyone is still participating right
to the end. No nodding heads or yawns and that was helped by your good
sense of humour and teaching style. Thank you, much appreciated

Henry Chapman

General Manager Testing Services

We have been fortunate enough to have Rebecca deliver some Mental
Health awareness training and also Mental health Managerial training in
both our Dublin and London offices. Feedback from all participants was
very positive and I have personally found Rebecca’s enthusiasm, delivery
and approachable personality a pleasure to work with. Not only were the
sessions extremely informative, but they were also engaging and
relatable and due to that I feel that we are one step closer to breaking
down the barriers of mental health within our workplace. We look forward
to working with Rebecca on an ongoing basis

Elisse Penney

Human Resources Allied World

I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to Becca, I thoroughly
enjoyed my Mental Health First Aider Training and feel equipped and
ready to support colleagues, friends or family in their time of need! I
found Becca to be passionate, informative and extremely engaging over
the two day course, she knew what she was talking and made difficult and
often very sad subject matter interesting and digestible. Thank you once
again to Becca, couldn’t recommend highly enough!

Eloise Gadsby

Bid Cooridinator at T & B Contractors

Rebecca came into our offices to host a talk on Mental Health and then
following this she came in to host Mental Health Awareness Manager
Training in our London and Dublin offices. Feedback from all
participants was that Rebecca was professional, approachable and also
has a great sense of humor to keep everyone engaged. I would highly
recommend Rebecca and we continue to look forward to working with her in
the upcoming future

Priyal Patel

HR Generalist Allied World Insurance

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