Rebecca's Qualifications

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* NSPCC Training for Trainers Part 1 and 2

* Mental Health Awareness Level 2 Cache

* Intermediary Training for defendants 2016

* Forensic Questioning of Children Development programme 2016

* Accreditation Child Protection Trainer by NSPCC

* Accredited Mental Health First Aid instructor (Mental Health First aid England) 2018

* Bachelor of Arts in History

* Level 3 + 4 in Policing NVQ

* Joint Investigation Training into allegations of abuse in relation to vulnerable adults

* Tier 3 Interview course

* Professionalising Investigation program- PIP 2 Detective

* Specialist Child abuse Investigation development programme SCAIDP

* Safeguarding Children Practice Level 3

* What to do if you’re worried a child is being abused Inter training Surrey safeguarding

* Children and young people with sexually harmful behaviour

* Working together to protect and safeguard children module one

* Working together to protect and safeguard children module two

* Working together to protect and safeguard children module three

* Domestic Abuse training

* Child Sexual exploitation

* Female genital mutilation


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From specialist tips on how to prevent cyberbullying, to caring advice for dealing with mental health issues - especially in today's current online landscape. Read Rebecca's advice in the form of thoughtful, structured content, made easy to follow from start to finish.

Beat the stress
Tips to manage stressful situations Listen to music Take a short break, listen to music this helps lower blood pressure and reduce cortisol having a positive effect on the brain and body. Ocean, nature…
Cyber Bullying
Cyberbullying, facts we should know Imagine that you have just witnessed a young person bullying one of their peers. How would you feel, act or respond? Our instinct is to often punish the ‘bully’…
One Human at a time
Does homelessness cause mental ill health or vice versa? Is there a link between mental ill health and homelessness? The question I used to ask myself often, was how someone ends up homeless on the…

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