Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying, facts we should know   Imagine that you have just witnessed a young person bullying one of their peers. How would you feel, act or respond? Our instinct is to often punish the ‘bully’ and to provide emotional support and reassurance to the ‘victim’. However, how do we cope when that ‘bully’ is on the other side of ‘cyberspace’ with no given identity. What is cyberbullying   Traditional face-to-face… Read More »Cyber Bullying

One Human at a time

Does homelessness cause mental ill health or vice versa? Is there a link between mental ill health and homelessness? The question I used to ask myself often, was how someone ends up homeless on the streets? I struggled to comprehend how. However, over time and more insight into the subject matter, I learnt a lot more about the reasons why people find themselves seeking solace away from the norm and find themselves… Read More »One Human at a time

Breaking Taboos in Mental Health

Have you ever wondered what to do when an employee has acted in such a way, you have questioned their mental stability? Maybe they have shown a few quirky traits that you have put down as odd but started to wonder if there is more to it than quirky behaviour. That myth comes to mind where you think “Someone with a Mental Health issue wouldn’t be able to hold down… Read More »Breaking Taboos in Mental Health