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Rebecca Kilpatrick  is the Founder and Director of KTC Training & Consultancy LTD.

Rebecca’s served ten years as a Detective Constable in the Police Service and spent most of her career in the Child Protection Safeguarding Unit. During her service she received two commendations  for outstanding work convicting sex offenders. Rebecca has actively interviewed children of all ages including young and traumatised children. She has dealt with people first hand suffering all aspects of Mental Health illnesses. This has been as both victims and offenders within the community. She has used her extensive knowledge and chosen to help train and educate others to understand more about relevant issues. Rebecca took a change in career in 2015 and completed a Train the Trainer program with the NSPCC. She is now a Freelance Trainer and an associate of several charities and organisations.

She founded KTC in 2015, specialises in designing bespoke training packages for Mental Health & Well-being, Domestic Abuse, Child Safeguarding and Online awareness. She travels the UK and other European countries spreading the word and raising awareness about Mental Health. She is highly engaging and passionate about helping others.

Rebecca  also works as Forensic Interviewer of children and an Intermediary for Defendants and Witnesses at Court.

Read Rebecca’s full list of qualifications HERE

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Our Core services

KTC understand your requirements and provides a high quality service to suit your needs. Bespoke training upon request.
Two day Adult Mental Health First Aid Course

This course if very similar to a physical first aider but for the mind. The course is designed and accredited by Mental Health First Aid England. Click here for further information

Mental Health Awareness for managers & employees

If you're looking at gaining an awareness on Mental Health for your staff or on a management level, Rebecca is available to attend your workplace to run half a day, full day awareness training.

'Be their voice'
Safeguarding training

Child safeguarding awareness for schools, workplaces and nurseries. Teaching people about the indicators to look for to spot child abuse. Workshops are available for school teachers and nursery staff on how to speak to children, allowing them to be heard.

Cybersafety & Cyberbulling

Rebecca runs workshops for primary school students, teaching them how to remain safe on the internet. The workshops have been designed to be highly engaging, fun and motivating. There is also workshop designed to teach parents the basics of how to keep children safe.

Our Clients

Take a guided tour through some of our previous projects, workshops & seminars.

Holly Spring School

Rebecca provided interactive cyber-safety workshops for the children and teachers. In addition to this, she ran workshops for the parents – focusing on the importance of internet safety.  Rebecca also ran a workshop for the teachers in ‘safer questioning of children’ to develop their techniques further.

Bluebird Care

Rebecca’s relationship with Bluebird Care started with a UK tour providing Mental Health Awareness sessions to franchise owners across the country. She now regularly provides Mental Health First Aid training to employees nationwide. 

Allied World

Rebecca has been working with Allied World for just over a year. Providing them with an extensive variety of Mental Health Training sessions – ranging from awareness for employees and management roles. These sessions have been ran in London, Dublin & Switzerland.

Homeless Campaign

Rebecca is truly passionate about helping homeless people. She believes that as a society if we work together, we can make some changes. In 2018 Rebecca campaigned and raised money to purchase Greggs cards credited with £5.00 to hand out on the streets. A small team of people helped her in her quest and managed to engage the likes of Johnson & Johnson, Nando’s and Bluebird care to join her and make incredible donations. They not only raised money but non-perishable items to hand out to people on the streets during the cold winter months. Mental health hits an all-time low during the festive periods. For further information please read Rebecca’s blog called ‘One Human at a time’

Lighthouse the construction industry charity

Rebecca has been working with the Lighthouse Charity for a year. She has delivered training to the construction industry all over the country. 

client testimonials

Read through what some of previous clients have to say about our services.

Rebecca came into our offices to host a talk on Mental Health and then
following this she came in to host Mental Health Awareness Manager
Training in our London and Dublin offices. Feedback from all
participants was that Rebecca was professional, approachable and also
has a great sense of humor to keep everyone engaged. I would highly
recommend Rebecca and we continue to look forward to working with her in
the upcoming future

Priyal Patel

HR Generalist Allied World Insurance

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Why Use KTC?

Client Retention

All of Rebecca’s clients have consistently rebooked her services due to the value she provides in each session. With each booking she is hired to cover different locations and provide her courses, workshops and sessions for employees nationwide.

Locations and training sites

Rebecca has designed and delivered training in a variety of locations including, universities, preschools, primary schools, construction sites, nuclear power plants, car show rooms and many more.  


Bespoke training

Although Rebecca has several training packages that cover various aspects of mental health and child safeguarding. If you cannot find what you are looking for please get in touch for bespoke training packages. Rebecca would be more than happy to tailor training to suit your needs.

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Our Blog

Picture credited to Daniel Smith 

Read through Rebecca's thoughts, feelings and advice...

From specialist tips on how to prevent cyberbullying, to caring advice for dealing with mental health issues - especially in today's current online landscape. Read Rebecca's advice in the form of thoughtful, structured content, made easy to follow.

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One Human at a time
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